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Bluefish Creative websites are responsive, clean, and direct with our dedication to beautiful imagery and typography. All our websites are designed by our fully qualified graphic designer before development which gives us the web design edge. We love our work and put our heart and soul into every site, and we think it shows! Within the first few minutes of looking at the home page we convey who, what and where. Unlike many cluttered and busy websites that have an outdated and unprofessional look and are difficult to navigate, we combine our many years of design experience with the newest software and technology to create for you an affordable, effective and visually appealing website that is a pleasure to visit. We use the latest software and all our websites are CMS - Content Management Systems. Have a look at our portfolio below.

Our Portfolio

Bluefish Features

Clean Designs

Beautiful imagery and typography to create a visually appealing website, which not only looks fantastic, but is simple to navigate and extremely user friendly. Your website will be one that people want to return to!

CMS System

Our websites are all Content Management System Websites. This makes updating images, text and articles fast and simple, which makes our job, and yours easier and more cost effective than traditional methods.


Bluefish responsive websites that look as good on your iphone or ipad as they do on your desktop. Featuring easy reading and navigation around your site  with a minimum of annoying resizing, panning, and scrolling.

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